Sunday, 25 October 2009

Gloves are off!

Seriously! Rebrand Christmas!?!

It wasn't even a christian festival originally! F**kwit. As for proudly wearing crosses, then I shall have to wear my atheist symbol in school.



  1. Look we have much to thank Christianity for.

    For example they kept mid winter fest alive.

    Admittedly the old ceremonies of the waxing and waning year (shift changeover every six months for Bel and Bran ... the seasonal god sons of the boss goddess and the reason Christianity had to invent their own trinity to take over the old religion "We got a trinity too see") have become a tad blurred as Guy Fawkes night and easter (Oesus or Jesus meaning the egg man in ancient Irish) And then mixed up with a bit of resentment at Halloween.

    Now yer Japs tend to take a differing view of things. They have no design skills but they can interpret stuff.

    Here of course I refer to Aikido which blew the gaff a bit on where some of the original ju jitsu was derived.

    In aikido yer "First blending move". (If he goes to smite thee on one cheek turn to him the other cheek also ... but the edited New Testament apparently does not complete the advice by describing how your cheek smiting opponent ends up on his arse)

    And critical distance of combat the Japs call Mai. "And the egg man walked amongst the Romans as if they were not there"

    So the Japs had the egg man sussed. Martial artist top man.

    You may now be asking why the Japs (apart from a few hints from Morihei Ueshiba) kept quiet about the egg man being a master of martial arts (and not a divine being) in the sense of having progressed to "Strike from the void" or attain the ultimate human ability to act purely as an instrument of natural order.

    Why the Japs kept quiet is this. All the stuff they can flog us at mid winter fest.

    This bit them on the arse in WW2 when the allies were selecting a Jap target for nuclear bombing. The Christians (and Albert Einstein) of the West decided to bomb a Christian area of Japan because it would cause the least offence to the Japanese.

    We sent along an RAF observer from the nuclear development team ... Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC.

    Apprentice Christian saint of the time


  2. Thanks. A bit random :-) but informative. I feel like I'm playing part in a Turing test.


  3. Yes, your little friend up above exemplifies the type of lunacy you overtly struggle to tolerate, and yet if he were a Christian you would eagerly toss him under a double decker bus accompanied by your trademark self censored epithets.

  4. Wow! I have TRADEMARK epithets! Why, thanks for noticing. ;-)

    Tossing under a bus? Unlikely. I enjoy intelligent discourse with anyone - even christians! Especially on the occasions they have something intelligent to say about religion and not the whinging/ judging/ damning/ smug/ ill informed (delete as appropiate) egocentric jibbering that I quite often hear.


  5. You have more in common with your version of Christians than you think (i.e. whinging/ judging/ damning/ smug/ ill informed (delete as appropiate) egocentric jibbering).

  6. That sounds like you are whinging, judging, smug... oh hold on... we could end up just repeating each other! LOL.

    I try to aim my observations at the more ridiculous or extreme views.
    Sometimes, I just like to have a rant. And I expect these to increase in frequency as I have to put up with more 'Blah Blah christianity is the reason for christmas bollocks'.

    As always, I thank you for the discourse.

  7. No more anonymous posting for me. You got me.

  8. LOL! And please keep posting! :-)

  9. And... I look forward to you updating your blog as well.


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