Wednesday, 12 August 2009

So what have the scientists ever done for us?

Looks like the UK have a new website to promote Science.

I've noticed quite a few 'pro science' programs recently. Lots of explosions, wacky experiments, etc to grab the ever decreasing attention span of our 'blipvert media generation'. People are being subtly turned on to science...

And more importantly, IMHO, people are finally being told what science has done for us already. All those creature comforts, all our understanding of the world, communication, travel, entertainment - we are lucky enough to be able to find out about what excites us, we can overcome disabilities, we can be artists, learn whole new skills, have a global voice...

I owe an awful lot to all those curious individuals who had the question... "Why?" and "What if...?"

Which make me all the angrier when I hear ignorant f***wits, praising whatever flavour god they follow, and thanking it for all it has provided for them.

If you are one of these people ,try this prayer instead...

Dear figment of my limited imagination,
Bless you my insecurity
For stunting my understanding of the world
For my fears and ignorance
And for your benevolent indifference to us all.

Hope that helps. ;-)

Maybe science and religion can coexist. But it could never be on equal terms. Religion is going to be around a lot longer than me. Maybe in the climate of extremism we will see polarised groups emerge, possibly another War that will be defined by what sky pixie is best? Science has enabled us to communicate and see the world around us. We should be educating, learning, discovering... NOT adhering to some misinformed, vague superstitious crap that kept the masses in check thousands of years ago.

We can only hope.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

So let's hear a Nun's POV...

Sister Wendy tells us her point of view. Summary: if you PROPERLY study the bible, then you will follow god.

Hmmm. Quite a few flaws in THAT idea. My main problem is that the MORE I study it, the LESS impressed I am.

Seriously though. I reckon the best christians are the ones who are ignorant of all the racism, violence, sexism, persecution, narrowmindedness in the bible and just try to be like a 'disneyfied' Jesus. You know, be nice to each other and forgive people, don't judge others, set an example...

At least she has a pop at fundamentalists too! Go Nun! ;-D

So how has god done these last 10 years?

From BBC Newsnight.
Click this link if your browser does not automatically play the video. :-)

What have the noughties done for God?

Robert Pigott launches Newsnight's review of the first decade of the 21st Century by asking whether God's new millennium has got off to a bad start.

15 minutes.

Enjoy! :-)