Tuesday, 11 August 2009

So let's hear a Nun's POV...

Sister Wendy tells us her point of view. Summary: if you PROPERLY study the bible, then you will follow god.

Hmmm. Quite a few flaws in THAT idea. My main problem is that the MORE I study it, the LESS impressed I am.

Seriously though. I reckon the best christians are the ones who are ignorant of all the racism, violence, sexism, persecution, narrowmindedness in the bible and just try to be like a 'disneyfied' Jesus. You know, be nice to each other and forgive people, don't judge others, set an example...

At least she has a pop at fundamentalists too! Go Nun! ;-D


  1. You should never read the bible if you want to hold on to your faith. You'll start noticing what a mean, mean man god is.

  2. This week I sent the copies of evidence (Affidavit and sworn report)to be held by the Roman Catholic authorities to oppose sainthood for Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder, when and if a cause is presented. (which will probably be after I have tumbled off the twig).

    One ironic aspect is a Regional Crime Squad inquiry into the Ryder and Cheshire charity homes (suppressed by Special Branch liaison) in 1972. The RCS were looking at GP death registration malpractices, identity thefts and the smuggling of people to UK. Vatican ratlines for escaping Nazi war criminals. This followed on the 1971 German internment "Release scheme" run by Airey Neave (charity founder) and Sue Ryder (who was arrested in 50s by German police on suspicion of being an MI6 spy ... perceptive of the hun)

    I don't claim to be a faith person. But I have little faith that the Vatican, when it considers sainthood for Cheshire and Ryder, will fill in the Vatican ratlines gap in the evidence for itself.

    Neither do I have much faith they will weigh Cheshire's part education in Nazi Germany 1930s or his history of betraying every bomber stream he led in World War 2.

    His concept of care was a condescending variation on the workhouse and the so called sainted pair were protected from inquiries into appalling care standards by the likes of DHSS minister Sir Keith Joseph.

    I have to wonder if they promote Cheshire and Ryder to sainthood who their MI6 handlers will be ? And how many will question if they can make it to sainthood perhaps all the other saints are just as iffy.

    I was the village constable. The pair were my main suspects for unlawful killing of volunteer Matron Mary McGill to prevent her resignation and plan to raise full cross referring care inquiries against their charities.

    The case is denied access to open High Court by the absolute secret custodianship of public interest powers of Attorneys General.

    Hence if the Vatican ever promote the pair to halo status, they would reach a decision on a case already censored by UK Govt.

    Cheshire and Ryder knew all along what I would do "If I outlive you I oppose your sainthood"

    It appears to have been God's will that I outlived the evil pair.

    God musta willed it this way Sister Wendy



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