Sunday, 29 March 2009

No power for three days!

No electricity for three days!

Wow. Certainly an experience. No light, heating, TV, CD player, internet... makes you realise how much we take for granted. More importantly, how much we take scientific achievements for granted. Have our lives improved because of scientific discovery? That's another blog entry ;-)

It was quite relaxing, sitting by candlelight -we even managed to play a family boardgame- and it gave me plenty of time for contemplative thinking. It was fun (for a while) to make do with what we had. And humbling to think how lucky we still were compared to millions of other families in the world. We had offers of accommodation, showers and meals (even internet access!) which were all appreciated.

Did I find it a spiritual experience? No. Although religion does often try to lay claim to acts of human kindness, it had no relevance in what was simply a power failure and the natural, altruistic behaviour of friends. There are cases where people choose a simpler lifestyle to avoid 'temptations' and they think it makes them better people; there are many who simply want to live off the land and try to harmonise with nature; some just want to be left alone; each to their own, I say. I am not the hunter-gather that my ancestors were many thousands of years ago. I have enough trouble trying to find specific items in a supermarket! I need my luxuries and people we know were more than happy to share theirs.

As I have always thought, people are basically nice. Unfortunately, even in this enlightened age of science and knowledge, some still think they need a magical sky pixie to make it so.

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