Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Templeton Prize

Just thought I'd share a fascinating article I found on the BBC website


You can even add your own opinion at the bottom of the article.

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  1. That's an interesting article, thanks for pointing it out. I had missed it in the news and, though I am in no way qualified, I greatly enjoy these debates at the edges of scientific, or any other, understanding. Today was a good day to find it because I had lots of time to read up some background and blog my take on it too. Thanks again.

    You write some nice stuff. Let the Atheist Blogroll know when you update. Go to


    enter your URL and the code they display. You'll go to the top of the Atheist list with '***New' next to your blogname. Because I post on lots of different things, I only ping when I think it's something relevant to the others. But hey, a bit of self promotion is never a bad thing.

    You may already know all this, in which case go here :)


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