Friday, 8 May 2009

Petrified trees prove the bible is right. *sigh*

When someone challenges me, I usually have to respond. (It's a weakness.)

Alrighty then. Petrified trees. Apparently there are VERTICAL trees that go through the layers of strata. Therefore the fossil record is rubbish.

With no further research, (and let's face it that COMPLETELY proves the bible) it would appear a problem to geologists.

However... what is not mentioned is the fact there are many more horizontal trees in the same area. Roots are non-existent and bark is missing from one side - this really shows that it was not covered by layers of ash while it was growing. The strata is actually flat - inconsistent with slopes that would have been covered with such trees. Mt Etna eruption provided an excellent example of how trees blasted out of the ground by volcanic eruptions can cause upright conditions.

There is more information in detail

I have a lot to thank JL for. I'm learning so much! :-)

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  1. the roots and some bark missing can easily be explained by the fact that the reason the trees petrified in the first place is because there was a world wide flood. So these trees were just there in the ground minding their own business when this flood happens, 40 days and 40 nights of rain and very likely mud slides and hydro-sorting of dirt (the real reason for geologic layers) that didn't really stop for up to a year later. the trees were in the ground so the roots would not have been petrified, they probably rotted, the bark was simply worn off by stuff, for lack of a better term, rubbing up against it during the flood.

    Btw, your link is dead, goes to nothing

    Also, before you start thinking, "dummy it takes millions of years to petrify wood," try looking it up, "science" is now figuring out that that assumption is way off.


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