Monday, 1 June 2009

Am I obsessed?

Ahhh. Week's holiday. Time to post my wisdom to the masses or just annoy people. (Your choice)

Am I obsessed about 'god'?

Now I've had this comment offered to me several times. That I think about 'god' so much, or I am obsessed about her. (Or 'him' - her seems more likely IMHO - although an 'it' would make a least illogical choice... but I am rambling...)

I posted this reply on my "Raising atheist kids?" post which I think sums up my opinion.

It's more about knocking the stupid things that religious people do. ;-) I can assure you I am not obsessed with a god (just as I am not obsessed with a variety of non-things) but quite possibly on how this belief in the supernatural affects people, laws, freedoms and human morality. (Both for good and for bad) I'm like a dog with a bone - it's too fascinating a subject to ignore. (Agnostics just simply annoy me!)

It's very easy to think that atheists are obsessed with god(s) since our public 'presented' image is simply that. "Your god is a silly idea!" and all that.

I personally find it refreshing to be morally sound without having to worry about WWJD? And I certainly don't have to think about 'What would a humanist do?' My actions are considered and based on whether they are safe/ harmful/ economic/ environmentally sound/ pleasurable/ selfish/ insulting/ kind etc.

Summary - I REALLY doubt I think about sky pixies more than a theist. And if I am - then there are some crap theists out there. ;-) LOL

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  1. I met a woman who blogged. She was an atheist. She is the one to blame for me blogging, commenting and surfing the net for atheist posts and religious lunacy. I am also obsessed. lol In a good way. :)


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