Tuesday, 2 June 2009

When christians attack!!!

Is it just me or are christians getting a little more aggressive?

Not physically, but that would give a whole new meaning to 'bible thumping'! It's just that they seem quite ready to attack popular scientific ideas and ridicule scientific explanations.

I have (in my rational quest for proof) looked at many of these 'proofs' and found them to be embarrassingly poor and a waste of my time. Actually that's not true - I've had quite a few laughs!

Lets look at some of them...
4000 year old Earth
Carbon dating being wholly inaccurate (About 80% actually but still only one of many methods used)
Fossils on the tops of mountains. (Hey! I ACTUALLY saw these on Mount Snowdon!)*
Evolution errors (Ahem - misconceptions or more likely a p**s poor understanding of what evolution is.)
False fossils (So OBVIOUSLY hundreds of thousands of fossils MUST ALL BE FAKE!!!)
Half-evolved creatures (cow-frogs etc. LOL. Just. Too. Stupid.)
Dinosaurs existing with humans. (Jurassic park has A LOT to answer for!)

(These are just the scientific attempts that people have tried over the last two years... the philosophical 'proofs' have their own post.)

* I walked up Mt Snowdon (Tallest mountain in UK) with my family and we saw the fossils on the summit. 500 million years ago - that creature was alive! Now THAT is incredible. :-P 4000 years, my arse!

Scientific thinking has been at the forefront of trying to understand these things and offered plausible explanations to satisfy our curiosity. The fact that we are STILL looking at these concepts to refine our understanding and remove misconceptions is one of the greatest achievements of humankind.

So as church numbers continue to decline and organised religion is under scrutiny for the next case of fraud or sexual abuse, we seem to be getting to a hardcore of those who are ready to fight for their cause. And some willing to die for it too. Martyrs are held in high regard and, for many christians I have spoken to, seem to consider it the ultimate test of faith.

I find that worrying.

I have no problem with people questioning commonly held scientific ideas - science THRIVES on being challenged. But when people consider death as a martyr - death for a non-existent, mythological entity - death that they think will inspire others - and let's be honest, they think they will get a FAST PASS to sky pixie's magical kingdom - then I DO have a problem with it.


But on a darker, humorous note... go ahead. One less idiot out of the gene pool.

Rant over. Time for the theists to have their say...

>>Edit - Snowdon is the second highest. I was tired. Sorry Scotland.


  1. Here's what I love about the Hovind/Ham/Comfort, etc. argument against carbond dating. "They tried to carbon date a 3 year old snail and it came up 3,000 years old! Carbon dating doesn't work!"

    Well, try using your car's spedometer to calculate how fast the snail moves. I bet that won't work either, but don't use it as a defense in traffic court.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me, when a Christian spouts something I am unfamiliar with. Then I go look it up, and some how they have it completely wrong. When I point this out, they usualy don't respond. Or my favorite, ignore my reply and say something else stupid.

  3. I think it's because I use scientific reasoning to debunk ideas that people try to use the same method back. What they don't realise is that because of scientifice reasoning I can then debunk their 'debunks' and in turn if not fully debunked they can redebunk.

    ...have I just invented a new word?

    Cheers :-)

  4. Please use scientific reasoning to explain how so much order (life) came from disorder (big bang)...and how that process is now emperically running in reverse. Please do not use God or any supernatural events to explain your answer. Thank you.

  5. Is this a question to an atheist or to any theists?

    There are quite a range of theories about the big bang, and science can predict to a fraction of a second, the conditions of the big bang.

    I simply do not know the answer - I *could" reference any number of well researched scientists, mathematicians etc. but then, so could you... :-)

    BUT, I can say - WITH UTTER CONVICTION - that to say a 'god did it' just so one can sloppily plaster over undiscovered knowledge and pass it as the 'truth' is just offensive to human intelligence. That really p*****s me off!


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