Monday, 13 April 2009

Faith, Darwin and superstitions in the UK

Fascinating report on Faith in the UK.

It shows that the UK is a varied mix of beliefs in religions and, more surprisingly, an increase in superstitious ideas. I haven't read it all yet, but it's good to share. :-)
The BBC link contains a summary of some of the points, but still suggests that we are an increasingly secular society.

Only 55% believe in a heaven. (But 70% believe in a soul)
4 in 10 believe in ghosts? 27% believe in reincarnation?
22% in horoscopes! (Oh come on!)

Seems that as some people turn from religion, they still feel the need fill their minds with irrational 'gap fillers'.

I'm really looking forward to the theistic viewpoint of this survey. Will they see it as a 'further moral decline'? Will it be condemned as an irrational false belief? (The irony would probably escape them!) Will it lead to us all suffering eternal damnation by the devil as we veer from the true path of christ? Will they blame atheists?

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  1. So where do the other 25% think souls go? oh, maybe that's the reincarnation percentage. hmm, i dunno.

    anyway, added you to my blogroll. welcome to hell!


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