Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Things I do in the quest for a god...

Spent an hour on YouTube looking for 'enlightenment'. As I have said before I like to challenge my opinions, so where better will I find a range of ideas and opinions.

Yeah... I am still an atheist.

It's quite funny seeing ill informed opinions presented with such sincerity.

Play this game, watch a theist 'proof' and score points for the following:

"You can't prove god doesn't exist!"
"You can't prove [insert poorly researched scientific topic]"
"You are going to hell!"
"I found god [crazy eyed stare]" (My personal favourite)
"Atheists are stupid."
"Look at life. Therefore god exists!"
"My explanation is clearly better than an atheist one!"
"Darwin/ Dawkins/ Sagan is clearly wrong, why can't you see that!"
"The bible says so!"
"Hitler/ Mao/ Stalin etc..."
"[cyclic argument]"

There are plenty more. Feel free to add them to the comments. :-)

I might even come up with a proper scoring sheet that will give theists a 'blind faith score'.

BTW: Please vote on the new question. What percentage of the bible is true?

Last vote result.
Christian MINUS god = Nervous wreck!
Thanks to all that took part. :-)


  1. I would say there's always some truth behind the old stories.

    "I think you're a terrible person- believe what I believe!"

  2. Much of the Hebrew Bible was written with no intent of "truth", but more of influence. And I think even readers knew that too. Same is true of the Mahabharata and the Odyssey.

    Yes, fundamentalists believe in literal truth but liberal Christians believe in figurative, persuasive truth. You have to decide how you feel about BOTH uses in your counter-evangelism.

  3. Food for thought. Thanks :-)

    Fundamentalist literal truth. Well, it is just plain bollocks. And the stupidity of such blind faith annoys me.

    Figurative truth. Now this does have an impact with me. It engages people with moral ideals, allows a certain freedom of choice and those kinds of christians are usually well meaning people. Sadly, they pity, or fear, or despise, or wish harm to me simply because of my views.

    If they want to persuade me, they need to do a better job. I'm still going to try to find someone who can.


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