Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Racism and Jesus?

I missed this earlier.

The BNP (British National Party - Bunch of racist homophobes who have hijacked the British flag and claim persecution to their cause - IMHO) have set up a series of billboards with Jesus on it as a way of recruiting more christians!
BNP Article here. BBC opinion here.
This appears to be a direct retaliation from the General Synod who voted against allowing clergy to become a member of the BNP. (BTW - 10% of the Synod did not vote in favour of the ban, makes you wonder how morally secure they are!)
Link here.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. After all, I'm benefiting from it right now. I would even argue to allow the BNP their right to have a voice in politics. Just as I have the right to criticise and pull apart their opinions.
I just wonder if the BNP consider that they have the moral high ground? But then the bible does have very useful rules on how to treat your slaves, who you are allowed to persecute, what respect you should give others and details the eternal suffering for those who don't follow these ideals.
Some members of the church might even adopt the BNP as their poster boys! ;-)


  1. Stalin



    Spot the link?

    Tell me, why are humanist/atheists always such unbearable tossers?

  2. Dear 'Anonymous'
    RE: Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

    Stalin and Mao were atheists. Well done.
    Hitler, unlikely. (Do some research)

    Yet I do think you will find that in no instance were their attrocities in the name of atheism.
    Mao himself became seen as divine by loyal followers. He was raised a Bhuddist.
    Hitler was raised as a Catholic.
    Stalin was raised in the Orthodox church.

    What is interesting is that how each religion washes its hands of these people and assumes that they simply can't belong to their religion! Oh hold on! They MUST be atheists! Why it all makes perfect sense.

    Most wars in the world are due to a religious influence. Some were a direct result of a 'holy order'. The number of deaths caused by religion is vastly greater than any supposed 'atheist driven' deaths.

    Simple version: Religion can kill.

    As to being an 'unbearable tosser'... I assume you mean that we question the fact you allow mythology to govern your life and that we think it is ridiculous? And that offends you?

    Once again, thanks for the comments.


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