Sunday, 26 April 2009

Thought for the day... The really convincing story!

Let me get this right...

According to Catholics - there is this three in one god who impregnated a virgin so he could then be born and sacrificed himself on a cross to save his own creation from his own wrath. All because a woman, who was made out of a rib, surprised him (an all knowing-god) by being convinced by a talking snake to eat an apple from a magic tree. He then, temporarily, came back from the dead (being 'all-powerful' has advantages; the sacrifice wasn't permanent), we should all eat his flesh, drink his blood, talk telepathically to him whilst being constantly reminded we are all sinners (still!).
Failure to believe in this will result in a constant, unbelievable agony for eternity.

... yeah. Evolution is just soooo stupid.

I know there have been similar posts from other bloggers like this, but it feels good to remind ourselves what we are arguing against. (sigh)


  1. Funnies.

    I did actually laugh out loud when I read this post, for real. I may or may not have ROFL'd and LMAO. :-D

    You theory gives me the funnies too though:
    There were bacteria, that over a period of time became fish. (I wonder if the bacteria in my gut will somehow decide to become a hand in there? Now I feel ticklish.)

    Anyhoo, the bacteria somehow became fish. The fish (according to scientists) had one gigantic ocean to be in (as all the land was one land mass at that time). For some reason, despite having a whole ocean to themselves, went against their natural adaptations (living/breathing/growing/eating) in the ocean and came onto land.

    "Darling, there's no milk in the fridge."
    "Oh. Well then babycakes. This is a conumdrum. I think we'd better go against our survival instincts and adaptations and go live inside the lava of a volcano."
    "Ummm...well all this IS just a theory, darling."

    Right, so anyway, with fish left in the sea, fish now on the land, some fish became birds (not flying fish mind you, actual birds) and these birds became something, something else something else [insert an idea here] then we have all the living things we have today. Mind you, will still have things that scientists(?) claim are relatively unchanged since 'prehistory'...i.e. sharks and woodlice. For whatever reason, they have not evolved into someother random thing, a nice flower or a buffalo perhaps.


  2. Gradual. Changes. Over. Millions. Of. Years.
    Fossil records.
    Redundant organs.

    *Bigger sigh*

    Evolution - Theory (with good evidence to back this up)
    Creation - Myth (Seriously, because the bible 'says so' is NOT evidence)

    Have you floated off into space today? No. Because the FSM kept you safe with his noodly appendages! (Now you simply cannot deny that! And don't try any of that 'Theory of Gravity' nonsense! It's just a 'theory'!)

    Have fun! ;-)


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