Wednesday, 11 February 2009

200th Anniversary of Darwin's Birth

This should be a national holiday

To celebrate a great man who opened the eyes of millions; a genius who has inspired generations; an adventurer that travelled the world in search of the truth.

A man who, with one brave book, showed creationism to be an absurd, nonsensical, narrow-minded waste of intellect.

12th February - HAPPY DARWIN DAY! :-)


  1. You sir are a blasphemer and will burn in the fires of hell. You have offended every God fearing Christian in this fair isle. How could Charles Dance have invented the world? He was just a ginger actor (although he was proper good in Miss Marple).

    It is clear that our lord created the world. On Monday he invented Spangles. On Tuesday he invented combs (and, in fact, all types of grooming products). On Wednesday he didn't get much done as it was half day closing in them days. On Thursday he created fluff and lint. On Friday he got off early to avoid the traffic. On Saturday he went on a Leo Sayer and was munted. On Sunday he invented all of the birds and the beasts and people. So now you know, you unbelieving cad / bounder.

  2. I'm convinced.

    It only took one well reasoned and convincing argument to persuade me.

    I admit, my life has been one big lie. I will now live my life as a hermit on the mythical island of 'Australia' and repent my illogical sins.

    Cheers :-)


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