Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Things I'm accused of... part 2

That I should read the Bible properly. I have read quite a bit. Its quite an epic but heavily biased; factually flawed in places; rips off several earlier religions (floods, plagues, ressurections, avatars, afterlife etc...); rather violent, some great stories; some rather nasty ways to treat people; meassages of generous love coupled with messages of eternal punishment; inspirational in places yet nothing common sense or a feeling of self worth should provide.
(If I missed anything, let me know.)

That I am a hypocrite for working in a church school. If someone could explain this to me, I would be grateful. After all, I am allowed to work in a church school, although I was advised against stating I was an atheist in my interview. I regret that decision personally :-(
"Sympathetic to the christian ethos" is the phrase I used. And, yes, I do feel sympathy for christians. ;-)

I got married in a catholic service. Why? The location did not matter to me. It did to my wife's family and it was a fantastic service conducted by a priest who I had a great deal of affection for (He has since sadly passed away). MY vows, MY promise hold more power than the potential displeasing of a fictional character.

More to follow...

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