Sunday, 8 February 2009

Pope welcomes back Holocaust denier? IRONY ALERT!

Again, there are many sites out there that do this story justice. I just wanted to make the point that he doesn't believe that there is enough evidence to convince him about the holocaust.

Amazing. Despite the overwhelming evidence: eyewitness accounts, confession
s of Nazis, graves. If it wasn't so insulting, it would be darkly funny. This is, quite possibly, someone I wouldn't even attempt to convince with an evolution argument. (Some people are just too stupid.)

But people are allowed their opinions, and I would strongly defend that right. I am appalled that the Pope - the highest christian authority on the planet- seems to think it is OK to welcome him back to the church! It really does send the wrong message I think.

I could argue that there is considerably less evidence for the existence of the biblical holy Jesus
! But that would probably just annoy people... ;-)

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  1. Adding comments to my own blog...?
    Sorry if I offended anyone about the Poop (deliberate) being the 'highest power' as there are many christianity(tm) spinoffs. It's just that catholicism is the majority shareholder in the christian mythos. (There are about 38000 christian groups in the world) So humble apologies to my CofE friends.


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