Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Offering prayers

So soon after writing a post about how I dealt with the question of death and my father. My mother is ill and mortality rears its head once more. :-(
I have had genuine prayers offered for my mum to get well soon and I really do appreciate their thoughts and concerns. (As I've said, the vast majority of christians are a nice bunch!) Some christians haven't mentioned that they will pray but have offered their best wishes and thoughts. I wonder if they are worried how I would react when offered a prayer. Trust me, I would NEVER scornfully dismiss it or criticise a well meant wish.
I see it as a genuine wish for something good to happen. I wish for good things to happen! It's human nature to want to see good things happen.
Being a atheist, I will not be praying for any reversal of the condition. I have the knowledge that science will alleviate most of the pain and that modern medicine will offer the best chance my mum has. Sadly, in some people's eyes that may seem rather callous - but if that's what they think then I seriously doubt they would understand why I would pity THEM.

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