Friday, 13 February 2009

Australia does not exist!!!

My last post was rather doom and gloom so I thought I would lighten the mood again.

I have come to the decision that Australia DOES NOT EXIST.

The reasons are as follows:

I have never actually seen it.
I believe that all maps lie.
Satellite images from space? Pah! Like I can afford to waste millions to send up my own satellite to check.
Kangaroos? That's just taking the p**s! (Don't even get me started on the Platypus!!!)

Someone has to expose this lie, and I will lead the charge!

After a couple of theological discussions with friends, I needed to bring some humour back before I seriously annoyed someone. This was my response to someone not recognising that evolution is very real and almost certainly a fact. So, despite many people accepting that Australia exists and wouldn't ever consider calling it a 'theoretical landmass' I decided (as creationists show disdain to evidence) that Australia does not exist.

The double edged irony (and I do appreciate this) is that I am 'disbelieving' something else. ;-) But it would take the most pathetic attempt at reasoning to link this with my atheism. For a start you would also have to link it with an almost limitless amount of other things I seriously don't believe in. eg) Unicorns, Horoscopes, Spurs winning the Premiership, Pixies, seven-eyed unicycling wombats...

And if you think I am insane, then please visit I thought it was a joke but, for some people, clearly not!


  1. I am, in fact, an sutralian. And to my shame you are correct. The entire continent and its asociated land masses do not exist. And neither do I. But jesus does, he told me so. We're hanging out here in the land of non-existent entities.

  2. So, considering the other side of the coin... All I know of Australia comes from either a book or from folks who claim to have been there. And Australia is ridiculous upon the face of it, I mean, seriously, animals that bounce? And duck-billed platypi? You can't make this up, except someone obviously did.

    Someone once told me, "Oh but you could fly to Australia, and I can't fly to Jesus!" Well, you could, but it's a one-way trip. And if you flew to Oz, how would you REALLY know where you landed? you'd have to take the pilot's word for it... So if anyone really does believe in Oz, they might as well believe in Jesus too, as he makes more sense than Oz.


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