Monday, 9 February 2009

Things I'm accused of... (Part 1)

Siding with the devil. Erm... Clearly not. If I don't believe in gods then I certainly wouldn't believe/ support one of their fictional enemies.

That I think too much about gods. Possibly. ;-) But they are fascinating stories! It's just when people take them as role models or use them as an excuse it fills me with despair.

That I don't treat religions with respect. Simple answer - they don't deserve it. Atheists are quite readily prejudiced against in the world (by religions) and there are no archaic 'unblasphemy laws'. There isn't even a word in the English language that shows 'offense to atheists'! (Time to start a campaign methinks...)

That I don't have faith. I have faith that all humans really want to be nice to one another. I have faith that my football team will win matches. Plenty of things in my life require no proof. Accepting that a supernatural power is in control is not one of them.

More to follow...

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