Thursday, 12 February 2009

Things I'm accused of ... (part 3)

That I am anti-christian. I can see how people might occasionally think that. And if I come across as such, then I do apologise. The vast majority of christians I have met have been wonderful, caring people. The people I work with at school are all people I trust and care about and I never want to upset. I love a good debate though - and when 'faith' is concerned it is often hard to accept when someone has a 'ridiculous' idea on either side of the argument.

Atheist - means 'without gods'. Many assume it means 'Against gods'. Being against gods would imply that I think they exist... :-)

To summarise, I apologise if 'christianity' is used when 'religion' should be. (Thanks to my colleagues for pointing this out) :-)

That I am narrow minded. To be honest, I find this deeply offensive and barely worth a comment. But since it is an accusation...

I am open to persuasion. In my early years, when I was brought up in a Church of England school, I believed in a god. I had a teacher who encouraged free thinking and looking at evidence and, unintentionally perhaps, started me on a path of reasonable thought.
In my late teens and early twenties I made a point of looking at religions and comparing beliefs, spirituality and hoping to find the answer to the awareness of 'self'. I have talked, at great length to christians, pagans, white witches, muslims, evangalists, witnesses (for far too long!) and (to balance it all) a satanist! (He was quite a nice bloke actually.) All the ideals provided no answers. Then I discovered the term 'Humanism' and found that I had been living those ideals nearly all my life anyway. (Humanism embraces atheists and agnostic points of view)

Call me narrow minded? Well you can just *&%" off. (No apologies!)

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