Monday, 16 February 2009

Things I'm accused of... (Part 4 - Parenting)

That my children will go to hell. Brilliant. And laughable. Perhaps you are concerned that I am blatantly playing dice with my children's souls and I would honestly have to say thank you. (Again this surprises people but I do appreciate your concern. It shows you care - and that you might, one day hopefully soon, make a good humanist.)

My children have not been baptised because I AM NOT GOING TO CHOOSE THEIR RELIGION FOR THEM. Face the facts. Children are born atheists. They learn about religion purely by chance of where they were born. There are too many religions all claiming that they are the TRUTH(tm) and as a parent, I am quite worried that I would choose the wrong version of events and condemn them to eternal torment / limbo / destruction / reincarnation / not getting picked for the rapture and other such entertaining ideas. (Delete as appropiate)

That I will raise my children as atheists. Ahem. Just because YOU may choose to indoctrinate / teach / brainwash / scare / encourage (again delete as...) YOUR religion, I take the path that my children should choose for themselves. My children have a natural curiousity about the world and ask questions. I give balanced answers but NEVER tell them that one opinion is better than the other. My children occasionally attend church services (Easter, Christmas, Remembrance Day...) and I don't have a problem with that. As a family, we have visited some of the most amazing temples in Asia and Africa and show the relevant respect for their customs.

Most important thing for me: my children will have an informed choice. They are already kind hearted, polite, sharing children with a concern about green issues. (And they haven't even heard of the term 'humanism').

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