Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My First Blog... an Introduction.

Well, actually my second. I have a myspace account but I couldn't be bothered. I'm hoping that I will add to this regularly (as my time will allow).

I'm a teacher. In a church school. It's not a problem for me (as an atheist) although some people think it should be. It is a good school, not because it is a church school I hasten to add, but because the staff and kids are amazing. It would be equally as good, in my humble opinion, without church blessing.

Firstly, I will not name the school. It (unlike gods) actually exists. If you don't believe me, then I suppose that would make you some kind of 'disbeliever'. (Oh the potential irony.) You don't need to know the school and I don't want to cause any upset with any governors of the school or senior management. There are also plenty of nutcases out there who take offense at being presented with common sense arguments and I would rather they aim any vitriolic comments at me and me alone. (I almost look forward to them.)

Secondly, this is not a rant against religion (there are plenty of great sites out there that do a wonderful job of it) but more a chance to get in the mind of a humanist. If you wish to leave a comment, fantastic! But I doubt you will get a reply. I have a busy life as a parent, husband and a teacher. Don't be offended if I don't become your friend. ;-)

Thirdly, I would like to think that I will leave an impression on you that I am a nice person. I am, honest! Posts will be made in good humour and usually with a smile. If I do cause upset, dismay or even anger then it wasn't intended - unless you are actually one of the very small percentage of people on the planet I don't actually like.

The Randomfish
(Until I get my logo up, work out the significance of my psuedonym.)

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